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DAKI - Drop, Add, Keep, Improve

Instructions for running successfully

  • Ask each person to think of one; tool, process, build artefact, way of working etc which matches the categories below.

    • D for Drop: When team members want to drop or remove something that bothers them. For example, a team wants to remove (drop) weekly meeting with their manager because of micromanaging.

    • A for Add: What does the team want to add to improve the process? Perhaps adding a weekly breakfast for the whole team or a company to share feelings/feedback with the rest of the people.

    • K for Keep: When team members want to keep something. For example, the team decides to keep a stand up meeting with a song chosen by a team member

    • I for Improve: Something that a team wants to improve. A good example is when a team reduces the technical debt from a legacy code to avoid fixing bugs all day long.

  • Then go around the room and ask for each person's response

  • Encourage discussion and note down any actions which can be taken

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