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Family Fortunes

This is a fun retro format to mix up the more traditional sessions.

Instructions for running successfully

  • Create n statements (where n is the number of people in the retro) such as:

    • Our communication is ...

    • The best thing we've built is ...

    • The most risky part of our build is ...

    • We're most blocked by ...

    • Our biggest challenge as a team is ...

  • Put onto cards or a presentation

  • Reveal to the team and ask them to finish with a single word or short sentence and send/give to you privately

  • Then one person steps up at a time and must try to guess 3 words/short sentences which complete a statement

  • If they guess correctly then they win a point and this sound should be played:

  • If they guess incorrectly then they don't get a point and this sound should be played:

  • After each person has guessed their 3 options for the statement, open discussions for the wider group and note any actions

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