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Game of Thrones

This is a classic retro format and good for teams starting out on their agile journey.

Instructions for running successfully

  • Create a presentation with images like the below on, one per slide or print off.

  • Showing one at a time, ask each person to think of one way of working, process, interaction, build artefact etc from the last sprint which matches:

    • Iron Throne - what were our goals, what were we looking to achieve, and who was this for? e.g customers, internal people?

    • White Walkers - what were the challenges we faced?

    • Dragons - how did we overcome these challenges, what new ways of working did we adopt, what new tools, what are we proud of doing differently?

  • Then go around the room and ask for each person's response

  • Encourage discussion and note down any actions which can be taken

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