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Gandalf's Retro

This is a really versatile retro and great for any LOTR fans in the team. It works especially well mid way through a project to ensure scope creep isn't starting to happen or the team are falling down any rabbit holes.

Instructions for running successfully

  • For each topic, each person writes down a time during the sprint, a piece of code, a tool, etc which relates to it

  • Then go around the room asking each person to explain their choice and take down any actions

Gandalf and the Moth - something we could use to get us to our goal much quicker if we use that instead (why couldn’t they just fly to Mount Doom!?!)

Gandalf and the Balrog - something that’s blocking us right now from completing [project X] (you shall not pass!)

Gandalf and the Fireworks - something to celebrate this sprint

Gandalf and Saruman- what we think our next big challenge is going to be

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