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Harry Potter and the Magical Journey of Scrum

This is a good retro format if there's no burning topics for the team to discuss. It's a general all rounder.

Instructions for running successfully

  • Using a collaborative tool such as Miro, or powerpoint/slides (if running virtually) or whiteboard/wall (if running in person) to create four sections;

    • Time Turner: Something which has helped you work faster/smarter/better this sprint

    • Boggart: Something which you’re worried could turn into something nasty

    • Golden Snitch: Something which you’ve worked hard on this sprint and that you’re proud of/pleased to achieve

    • Confundus Charm: Something which has confused you this sprint

These could be a process, a way of working, a piece of code, an interaction etc and can be within the team or more broadly with the wider company

  • Ask each person to write at least one item for each category

  • Depending on how much time there is/people in the group then either dot vote to slim down the discussion points or go through all items a group at a time

  • Ask each person to give additional colour about why they wrote the item and if they think there's any actions to take, as well as bringing in views of the wider group

  • Note actions and chase up progress during the sprint

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