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Updated: Mar 19, 2022

This is a classic retro format and good for teams starting out on their agile journey.

Instructions for running successfully

  • To start the retro (if everyone has laptops/phones) encourage everyone to play 5 mins of Pacman and find out who's the best player int he group:

  • Showing one at a time, ask each person to think of one way of working, process, interaction, build artefact etc from the last sprint which matches:

    • GHOSTS: What are we running away from/putting off doing but which could end up being a problem?

    • CHERRIES: What did we find/do this sprint which turned out to be a nice surprise/easier to do than expected/had really good consequences?

    • MAZE: What has confused you/had you going round in circles this sprint?

  • Then go around the room and ask for each person's response

  • Encourage discussion and note down any actions which can be taken

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