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The Great Debate

This is a useful retro if there are some strong opinions across the team about directions or decisions to take.

Instructions for running successfully

  • Find three topics of controversy within the team e.g design decisions that not everyone agrees on, build option where people have different opinions, a rogue suggestion which hasn't yet been discussed.

  • Write on cards/a presentation

  • Set the scene with the team and ensure they know the topics are deliberately controversial and the aim is to debate like politicians

  • Reveal the first motion and ask each person to write down one argument in FAVOUR of it and one argument AGAINST it

  • Ask each person to present their argument for the motion (taking notes yourself) and then ask each person to present their argument against the motion (taking notes yourself)

  • Then open up discussion across the group, taking notes for any actions which arise

  • Then take a vote across the group about whether the motion should pass or not

  • Move onto the next motion and repeat

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