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This is a good format to use before a big project is about to begin.

Brief: A futurespective where the team imagine that the project they’re working on/about to work on is super successful and analyse what led to the success.


  • Imagine that it’s half a year from now and you just heard back from the users of your product that they are extremely happy with it. It’s the best quality software they ever had, it makes their work easier and saves them time. It’s easy to use, flawless, fast, flexible: Everything they expected, and more.

  • Take some time to celebrate this to get into the right mood. Be excited, do a team hug or high fives, give compliments to each other, grab a drink; whatever makes you happy.

  • Imagine what you have done to deliver high-quality software. Which practices did you use and how did you do them? How did you work together as a team, with your stakeholders, customers, and users? What have you tried that worked out well?

  • Also, imagine the problems that you had along the way and how you dealt with them.

  • Now go back to the present, and use the things that have come up to define your way of working.

Instructions for running successfully

  • Set the scene with a description of what the future looks like and what mega successes the team had. The more descriptive you can be the better - including metrics, praise from users, celebrations of success etc

  • Now ask each person to write down factors that they think led to the success and how they overcame any problems e.g

    • Tools, Software, Stack - what did we use, what did we bin, what did we upgrade, what did we innovate with etc?

    • Ways of Working - what new approached did we try, what did we stop doing etc?

    • People Related - what were the team behaviours, interactions with stakeholders, collaborations etc?

    • Problems Faced and Solutions Found - what challenges did we find, how did we overcome them?

  • Depending on how much time there is/people in the group then either dot vote to slim down the discussion points or go through all items a group at a time

  • Ask each person to give additional colour about why they wrote the item and if they think there's any actions to take, as well as bringing in views of the wider group

  • Note actions and chase up progress during the sprint

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